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Hometown Hero” (short story) – Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers, Vol. 4 by Hellbound Books, October 2019 [buy]

“Little Sips” (flash fiction) – Flash Fiction Fridays Fall 2019 catalog by Harbinger Press, September 2019 [read]

I Know Thee, Stranger” (short story) – Tell-Tale Press Fantasy Library, September 2019 [read]

"Cindy Lee The Incredible" (short story) – Magic For Beginners: A Charity Anthology for Kids by Fantasia Divinity Publishing, August 2019 [buy] [Proceeds benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital]


“Do Not Resuscitate” (short story)

   - adapted for audio performance by the Nocturnal Transmissions podcast (Kristin Holland), Episode #57, August 2019 [listen]

   - Alcyone Issue #1, January 2018 [buy] (first publication)

The Punkin Folk” (short story) – Campfire Tales anthology by Chipper Press/Zimbell House Publishing, June 2019 [buy]

Spring Comes to Hogtown” (short story) – Blood Tomes Vol.2 - Creatures anthology by Tell-Tale Press, May 2019 [read] [buy]


“The Green-Eyed Kid” (short story) – Frontier Tales Issue # 116, May 2019 (Voted Reader's Choice Story of the Month) [read]

Ax Mama” (short story) – Don't Cry to Mama anthology by Jolly Horror Press, February 2019 [buy]

“A Whaleman of Fairhaven” (short story) – Sanitarium Magazine #1, January 2019 [buy]

[PRESS ALERT! Click here to read Joseph Sale's review of Sanitarium #1 and "A Whaleman of Fairhaven" in Storgy Magazine]

“Little Lost Amy” (short story) – adapted for audio performance by the Nosleep Podcast, Season 11 Episode #23, November 2018 [listen]

“Billy Bagbones: A Folk Tale” (short story) – Hedge Apple, October 2018 [read] [buy]

 “Transubstantiation Blues” (short story) – Re:Fiction, September 2018 Story Contest winner, published October 2018 [read]

 “The Ruins of Cynopolis” (short story)

   - Beyond Borderlands Issue #2, July 2015 (first publication)

   - Curating Alexandria Collection #2: Exhuming Alexandria, October 2018 (second publication) [buy]

 “Bed Rest” (short story) – adapted for audio performance by the Nosleep Podcast, Season 11 Episode #2, June 2018 [listen]

 “Lord of the Castle” (short story) – Rosette Maleficarum, December 2017 [read]

 “Mister Midnight” (short story) – Grotesque Quarterly Magazine Vol. 1, Issue #2, October 2017 [buy]

“A Man of the World” (flash fiction) – The Sacrificial Issue #6, September 2017 [read]

“And Every Living Thing After Its Kind” (short story) – Kudzu House Quarterly Issue #6.4, February 2017 [read]

Jonathan Apples” (novelette) – Sanitarium Issue #39, December 2015 [read]

“Cachette” (short story) – Indiana Voice Journal Issue #7, February 2015 [read]