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About the Writer

(Who Is Dan?)

Dan Fields absconded from Northwestern University in 2006, with a degree in Film and a minor in French. He spent most of his academic years (and several after) performing and recording with a short series of Chicago-area bands - Shillelagh Law, The Fire In Town and Howlin' Tumbleweeds. He also co-founded Fields Point Pictures, an independent production group specializing in original animated entertainment. With the help of associates Chris Robinson and Ryan Lunde (and the occasional guest contributor), Fields Point Pictures continues an irregular but distinctive output of humorous oddities.

Having fled the frosty Midwest, Dan resides in his native Houston, Texas, with his extraordinary wife and a pair of amazing children. To get his blood up between writing frenzies, he plays country-battered blues and rock with his latest band, Polecat Rodeo.

Dan began writing in earnest in the late 2000s, thanks to the encouragement of numerous mentors and the example of his own favorite authors. Since the appearance of the story "Cachette" in a 2015 issue of Indiana Voice Journal, he has published over a dozen stories in various online, print and audio formats. Many more stories and a few long-form works are forthcoming.

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