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I'm thrilled to announce that my first full-length collection of stories - 

UNDER WORLDS, AFTER LIVES - is now available from the eBook market of your choice.

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In the after-hours quiet of a hospital, an eerie gathering searches for its guest of honor. A silent figure prowls the night-shrouded streets of the city, where blind alleys and unmarked doorways conceal brutal rites of atonement. An outlaw, hunted by a hostile wilderness, goes to ground in the house of a deeper and more sinister hunger.

UNDER WORLDS, AFTER LIVES gathers 10 original stories of the weird, wondrous and grim from the troubled imagination of Dan Fields. Turn these pages to discover hidden horrors, tragic mysteries, and secrets only the dead know.

Your arrival has been foretold. Come and see what awaits you, just out of sight.


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